Friday, September 7, 2007

Edox for Koenigsegg - Speeding Swedes with Style

Swedish sports car brand Koenigsegg has just introduced their $30,000 Euro limited edition wristwatch produced by the Swiss brand Edox.

Now I know some people are quite tired of the sports car/watch tie-in but it's undeniable, wristwatches, primarily chrongraphs are usually an extension of a guy's manhood. What's under your hood is often comparable to what's on your wrist (Not sure what this means for me and my Metrocard).

In this case, the watch case is styled after the Koenigsegg CCX's body. The hinged case flaps imitating the hinged doors and cover the pushers/crown, the chronograph registers pretending to be the dashboard, so on and so forth. Definitely like it enough to post it here today. Movement by Dubois Depraz.

Check out the Koenigsegg CCX video

via Timezone
Koenigsegg Site
Edox Site

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