Tuesday, September 4, 2007

D-DAY - The Letter D Over Time

The Watchismo Times version of Sesame Street by celebrating the letter 'D'.

1940s LeCoultre

1970 Lucerne Jump Hour Digital-->Link

1970s Orion

1971 Pierre Cardin-->-->Link & Link

1980s & 2000s Jean d'Eve Sectora I & II

1973 Bulova Accutron

1970s Roger Tallon "Mach 2000" LIP Chronographs
(yes, I know, a backwards D or even a C, so what?)

1970s Roger Tallon LIP digital LED & Ladies Mystery Dial

1972 Christian Dior by Bulova-->Link

Speaking of Sesame Street,
This creeped me the hell out as a kid...

Stay tuned for the letters B, Q, V, and the number 8.

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