Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Buggin Out! More Arthropoidal Watchworks from Insect Lab Studio

Artist Mike Libby's medium consists of dead bugs and watch-guts. His second series of mechanically enhanced insect art (previously featured here->link) has just been released at his Insect Lab Studio and it includes entirely new specimens like the scorpion above. Also new to the collection are grasshoppers, Praying Mantis, and beetles with their entire wingspans displayed with the rest of their horological augmentations.

I asked Mike about the new series and details about the improvements and new species being offered...

  • "The quality of the work all around is notably improved due to higher quality insect specimens (larger ones too) and watchparts, also an improvement in insect spreading/handling skills has certainly made the final result more visually pleasing."
  • "Beetles continue to be a big hit and especially lately since I have learned to include their secondary interior wings (responsible for flight, whereas the first set of wings act as a wing case). "
  • "Development of new work with new specimens. Like I mentioned, scorpions, hoppers and praying mantis are all great new additions to my repertoire and have really challenged my customizing skills. I am always looking for a very thorough way to integrate the parts and gears to the specimen without overloading or suffocating it's natural form and beauty with technology. "How much is too much and how little is just enough?" is a question I ask myself constantly. All in all, the new hoppers (about 5" long!) and the improved beetles are certainly my favorite developments."

Arachnidae: Name Unknown
Scorpion & steel and brass gears, parts and springs
5” long (8” full length)
Displayed in 6" glass dome & walnut base, $850

Cetonidae: Polyphemus Confluens
Flower beetle with steel gears & parts -
4.5" width
Displayed in 6” glass dome & walnut base, $600

Dynastidae: Eupatorus Gracilicornis
Rhino Beetle with brass gears & parts - 5" width
Displayed in 6” glass dome & walnut base,

Orthoptera: Tropidacris Dux
Grasshopper & steel, copper, brass gears, parts and springs -
Displayed in 6" glass dome and walnut base, $900

Mantidae: Name Unkown
Praying Mantis & brass, and copper gears, parts and springs
Displayed in 6" glass dome & walnut base, $850

Insect Lab Studio-->LINK

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