Sunday, December 23, 2007

Shoot to Kilfitt - 1969 Prototype Camera-Watch Sells for $60,000!

Like a Russian Matrioshka doll, these obscure vintage and antique camera watches keep appearing and gratefully outdo themselves with each layer of the photohorological onion.

The first that caught my attention was the 1950s Steineck ABC wrist camera, which in turn, turned me onto the world of subminiature spy camera watches and the surprising discovery of this 100+ year old secret photographic history starting with this 19th century pocket watch camera.

And just when I thought I've seen them all, this
UKA 659 model by Kilfitt kills them all with a single 1969 prototype that never went into production and recently sold on eBay for nearly $60,000 (US). Update! It seems to have been relisted and is currently at $58,000 --> Auction Link

Kilfitt camera history-->Link

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via Gizmodo (thanks to Felipe!)

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