Thursday, March 27, 2008

First Look! Bell & Ross BR Instrument Grand Minuteur & Minuteur Tourbillon

The Watchismo Times is proud to introduce the first look of two new watches from Bell & Ross. The Limited Edition BR Instrument Minuteur Tourbillon and Grand Minuteur.

Using aeronautical instrumentation, the highest standard for readability, reliability and performance, Bell & Ross designers have sought to reproduce as faithfully as possible a cockpit timepiece that fits on the wrist.

In 2005 Bell & Ross launched the INSTRUMENT line, which upended traditional watch making with its innovative concept and design. It has since established itself as an icon watch.

In 2007 Bell & Ross made a noted entry into fine watchmaking with the BR01 INSTRUMENT TOURBILLON fitted with an outstanding grande complication movement.

In its constant quest for innovation, this year Bell & Ross is introducing a Grande Complication with functions never before seen in watchmaking: the GRAND MINUTEUR.

High-quality Watchmaking (the movement) + High-Technology (the case) + High Readability (the dial)

Armed with its experience in the field of aeronautical instrumentation and fine watchmaking,
Bell & Ross is presenting two new exclusive and complementary grande complications:

A tourbillon, a large timer, a power reserve indicator and a small second hand: four complications and two exclusive movements fitted to two outstanding watches designed for two worlds.

The BR GRAND MINUTEUR is a time measuring tool with specific, exclusive functions. The hour counter is connected to a large counter, the timer, that measures short times. An additional Flyback function launches a new measurement almost immediately.

High-quality Watchmaking:
The large, double scale timer (sixty and ten divisions) is an additional timepiece that measures a duration of time in hours and minutes from a chosen moment. This large stand-alone timer is fi tted with a Flyback, a system for resetting to zero and quickly relaunching the measurement. The Flyback optimizes the precision and rapidity in measuring several successive time intervals. The hour and minute display is supplemented by a small, stand-alone counter for seconds and a 10-day power reserve indicator.

The ultra-light titanium case, the carbon fi bre dial and the aluminium movement bridges all contribute to making the watch lightweight and high performing. Its angle rib structure and DLC fi nish coat (Diamond Like Carbon, friction resistant to more than 4000 Vickers) reinforces the solidity of the case.

High Visibility:
The dial design optimizes readability by disassociating the time indications and putting them in order of priority: four stand-alone counters indicate in order (based on their diameter) the timer function, hours and minutes, power reserve and seconds. Giving precedence to the Timer function answers a functional requirement and turns the BR GRAND MINUTEUR into the ultimate professional measuring tool.

Research of Grand Minuteur case and dial designs

Resarch of dial designs

Resarch of dials

Research of power reserve indicators

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