Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Steel on Steel Action - Prototype Korona K1 from Stepan Sarpaneva

Helsinki watchmaker, Stepan Sarpaneva, nephew of the famed Finnish mid-century designer Timo Sarpaneva, has produced yet another stellar timepiece -- the Korona K1. Following the success of his very limited and sold-out Supernova series (featured here->link), Stepan is quickly forming a large celestial body of work with the addition of the Korona to his intimate galaxy.

44mm wide and 9.6mm tall, the nearly full-Finnish production is made entirely of stainless steel including the dial, date disc, hands, crown, case, and rotor. The grated dial design reminds me of the incredible variety of antique manhole covers found all over here in New York City-->Link

Curtis Thomson of Tempered-Online and Horomundi further describes the Korona's features;
"Powered by the Soprod A10, with the mainplate modified by Sarpaneva to enhance the larger "skeleton" date disc feature, the movement will be visible through its display back allowing us to see the gold plated steel rotor. (pics coming soon)

K1 will be available, as pictured, but also with a black diamond coated case and an Imperial Blue dial. The dial is made in three parts from Stainless, with these skeleton like dials are becoming a bit of a trademark for Sarpaneva. The hands are microblasted giving them a textured surface, except for their tips, which are black polished."

The Korona pricing is likely to start a bit above $8500.

The first public appearance of a Korona K1 (K2 & K3) will be at the upcoming Baselworld watch fair in Basel Switzerland. Stepan will be exhibiting with superstar independents Vianney Halter and others.

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The skeletonized vertical date window

One of the coolest features of this watch can't really be appreciated by photographs. Each digit of the steel calendar disc is hand carved exposing the movement through the numbers!

Here is a clearer image of the skeletonized calendar digits

The prototype Korona K1 shot direct from Sarpaneva's bench

The rear rotor/winding mass

The black-diamond coated Korona

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