Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blonder Slide Rule Wall Clock - Math Chic!

An interesting wall clock prototype inspired by a slide rule. Hours and minutes on separate rulers, meet at a central slider with retrograde motion for each cycle. Mockup shown constructed from foam core and powered by LEGO Mindstorms.

I previously featured inventor Greg Blonder and his seriously ambitious 1,000 year forest clock concept, the TiWalkMe (seen->here). The Watchismo Times is proud to be the first showcasing his latest timepiece project, the Slide Rule Wall Clock - on a much smaller scale than a entire forest but still very original.


LEGO Mindstorms mock-up motor

Slide Rule Clock renderings

Ripe for saw it here first. Plus, if it's produced, Greg has promised me one! Stainless version please...

Greg Blonder's Slide Rule Clock mock-up page-->Link Rendering page-->Link

[Each scale is 2"x18"]
[DC powered]
[Invisible wiring to wall plug]
[Press corners of runner to set time, Hours and Minutes, up and down]
[Red hairline bisecting slider]

graphic animation of the Slide Rule clock in motion

Blonder, inventor, physicist, entrepreneur, designer and former Bell Labs chief scientist has over 70 patents under his belt, many of which can be seen at Genuine Ideas and Talus Furniture. His page for the Slide Rule wall clock can be seen here.

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