Monday, November 20, 2006

2007 B.R.M. 'Project Birotor' - Shockingly Absorbing

2007 BRM 'Birotor'

Brrrmmm Brrrooom! B.R.M., even the initials of Bernard Richard's relatively new watch company sound like a race car. Their modest credo states, "The superior mechanical performance unites with the human desire to surpass ordinary expectations: to push the outer limits of human indulgence!"

In tune with the rabid trend of high-end sports car themed timepieces, the 30-months-in-development 'Birotor' is actually built with a shock absorber system amidst other automobilistic mechanisms.

Below are part of the current line of B.R.M.

B.R.M. 'MT' Chronograph
Based upon a V8 engine

B.R.M. 'SRC 48 CO Racing'

B.R.M. 'WL-44'