Friday, November 3, 2006

A Bumpy Time - Braille Wristwatches - Vintage and Modern Wristwatches for the Blind.

"It's a quarter past three bumps"

Timekeeping for the sightless is an issue dealt with in a variety of timepieces featured below. A variety of styles including traditional pocket watches or wristwatches with flip-top covers revealing a tactile dial, strengthened hands and protuberances for the hour/minute markers. (and yes, I couldn't wait to write 'protuberances')

Montres à Tact 'Secrecy Eye' Touch Watch - with time guide below
Top half of domino-style dial for hours, bottom for minutes

Solar-powered Braille wristwatch (with synchronized necklace)
Student prototype

More common flip-top Braille wristwatch Cortebert c.1955

1912 Hunter cased pocket watch with numeral Braille markers
Alternative title of article - "Feel Me, Touch Me, See Me"