Monday, November 6, 2006

Seiko Concept Lab - 'Power Design Project' by Naoto Fukasawa

'Dish' Rotating Parabolic Antenna Watch

The SEIKO Power Design Project, a horological laboratory for 'concept watches' headed by famed product designer Naoto Fukasawa. Every year since 2002, his lab has introduced ideas pushing innovation in form and function. Noted on the PDP website - "*The SEIKO Power Design Project is purely for design study, and is not on the assumption of actual production."

'Crownless-Rimless' Watch

'Origami' Watch

'Ivory' (Digital watch in bracelet, Watch case appears solid)

'Drop' Water Droplet Clock

'Reflection Board' Reflector Watch

'Polygon' Radio Wave Receptor Watch

'Mt Otakadoya' Radio Antenna Watch

'Flex' Electronic Base Sheet Watch

'Airplane Window' Watch

'Transparent' Watch

'Shadow' Watch

'Obtuse Angle' Watch

'Extrusion' Watch

'Bottle' Watch

'Lens' Watch

'Heavy Beauty' Watch

'3D Cloth' Watch

Water 'Ripples' Watch