Vintage Radiator Grille Wristwatches

In my continuing and failing quest to find watches that look like mufflers, I present two vintage timepieces in the form of radiator grilles. Many watches have been featuring dashboard-esque displays but these are the only ones I've ever found featuring engine cooling as timetelling design.

Above - The 1960's Swiss Buèche-Girod in 18k gold for Volvo. Sold at Antiquorum for around $3000-->Link

Below - 1970's Guyot & Cie Rolls Royce watch in 18k gold with concealed dial behind grille (value 6-9k)-->Link

* If you find a muffler or muffler-like wristwatch, best not to inform me, I just enjoy the fruitless searches that lead to oddities like this.


Alex of QP Magazine has notified me of two additional grille watches...

The limited edition (only 50 made) Audi Grille chronograph by designer Stephen Webster
via QP

And the 1920's Bugatti sports car inpired model (actual grille below) featured in QP's premiere issue.

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