MATH WATCHES - Protractor and Slide Ruler Timepieces

Fifties geek-chic with this vintage 1958 Juvenia 'Architecture' watch featuring protractor and ruler hands. Featured in the Brunner/Pfeiffer-Belli book 'Wristwatches'

Their earlier 1945 Juvenia 'Arithmo' Slide Rule Watch (Gold version sold here-->Link)

And with the door open to slide-rule watches, the testosterone-fueled leader of the math geeks is the 1973 Heuer 'Calculator.' (part of the impressive Heuer collection at>Link)

1990's Megapode

The Megapode, Ikepod's contribution for the hip mathematician. Is that an oxymoron?

2007 Megapode

Not enough for you? Really?? Check out the Biothinking site for a mathematical orgy of Slide Ruler Watches-->Link

And be sure to revisit my vintage digital calculator watch feature here-->Link

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