Saturday, July 14, 2007

1970 Jovial Vision 2000 - Today's Time with Tomorrow's Styling

Every so often, I find a really odd watch I've never seen before, never heard of before, and can not live without after. This 70's "Jovial Vision 2000" is one of those, and now one of many vintage Holy Grails I must seek out. Having never seen the actual watch, I'm satiated for now with this original advertisement from an early seventies Basel Fair.

One of a few watches that had half-dials with compressed hours for the covered portion. I am organizing a future posting (next week) of all the unusual vintage varieties with this strange display. If anyone ever does find a Jovial Vision 2000, please email me, share the photos for a follow up and prepare to receive an offer from me. I'd be more than jovial...yes, I just said that. Ugh.

Ad copy; "Vision 2000 The watch that tells today's time with tomorrow's styling"


Ad copy; "You may not be able to go to the moon yet but you can already wear this VISION - 2000 watch of outer space concept"

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