Friday, July 13, 2007

Double Deckers - Michel Jordi Twins Titan

"Titan", the latest from Michel Jordi, the king of the double stacked interlocking watch concept "Twins."

"Michel Jordi’s Twins stacks two separately cased mechanical movements atop each other and connects them with a pivoting Twist-Lock hinge positioned on the case side at 8. The top watch swings away to reveal the lower watch. It is a challenging design to perfect, one that progressed through much iteration. The watch opens like a fan; both of the dials can be seen at the same time. 329 Components including 40 rubies, main-plates, bridges and minuscule screws are needed to assemble the two exclusive movements of a Twins watch."

Further information about Jordi and the birth of the Twins-->Link

Highlights of other Twins;

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The Twin Squelette

Westime - Authorized M.J. Dealer-->Link

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