Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Second Memoire 1 Video Tease from Maurice Lacroix

Part of the very well conceived marketing campaign by Maurice Lacroix for their upcoming "Memoire1" chronograph. Billed as the most complicated three hand chronograph ever, the watch is also credited to have chrono functions that can remembered, stored, and redisplayed -- A feat never accomplished before. Basically, you can switch back and forth from the running chronograph functions to the time and back again while the watch 'remembers' it's calculations that weren't displayed. Not sure why this is good, but whatever, I enjoy snowballing the hype! Hopefully the design will live up to it.

More to come...

Here is my previous post about the Memoire1 with mechanical memory-->Link


For further information, check out JAW's post at Horomundi-->Link

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