Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Birth of Modern Horological Art

A very interesting article by Wei Koh for HH Journal about the recent and phenomenal growth of modern haute horology. He appropriately compares this new 'movement' to the cinema of the French New Wave and the art of the mid-century abstract expressionists.

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"“What was true for the painters of yesterday is false for the painters of today.” - Umberto Boccioni

“I was always astonished how the industry was using 21st century materials and techniques to make 19th century watches. I say if we are going to use today’s materials and today’s technology then we have to make today’s watches.” - Richard Mille

“I am a watchmaker, my father is a watchmaker, my grandfather is a watchmaker. But I could no longer continue to repeat the past as they had. I had to find my own way.” - Felix Baumgartner, co-founder Urwerk

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