Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Killer Zodiac Watch of the Zodiac Killer

Warning! If you haven't seen the film "Zodiac" by David Fincher (Fight Club, Se7en), this post contains spoilers for the movie.

This was a note left by the serial killer, the "Zodiac" in the late 1960s - One of many letters to the press taunting the police with ciphers and threats, terrorizing the city of San Francisco all the way through the mid-seventies. This one in particular described how he wanted people to wear his trademark crosshair logo on buttons with obvious hints of future bloodshed if he wasn't satisfied.

But my post today at TWT has less to do with his crimes and more to do with his strange wristwatch related identity.

Originally, his unsigned notes announced himself as "the killer". But soon after, he was compelled (if not convinced) to create an identity. Following letters featured a circle with crosshairs and the name "Zodiac", it was soon discovered later that the image and name combination was directly borrowed from the Swiss watch brand of the same name and same logo. Zodiac watches were the only known source where both were used. Although the crimes were never
officially solved, the prime suspect (to this day) did own a Zodiac Seawolf watch. It wasn't a very common brand to own and many other clues have linked this man to the murders. I've included the film scene below featuring the suspect interviewed by police where they discover his timepiece of choice. Forgive the quality, it was taped directly from my TV.

Press play above or go to the video-->Link

The Zodiac Suspect Arthur Leigh Allen and his Zodiac Sea Wolf

The Zodiac's 1967 Sea Wolf Diver

Movie trailer video->Link
or official Zodiac Movie Website->Link
The Zodiac Killer Timeline-->Link

Original 1960's Zodiac Sea Wolf Advertisement
(hey, is that diver killing that turtle??)

And an assortment of other vintage Zodiac
Seawolf Divers of the sixties, seventies and today;

1960s Sea Wolf Automatic

1970 Orange Diver

1970s Auto Diver

1970s SST SeaWolf

2007 Seawolfs

More styles in vintage ads-->Link

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Vintage Zodiacs

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