Wednesday, October 3, 2007

At the Museums -1660 Renaissance Crystal Neck Watch & 1930s Art Deco Digital Lamp

The Beyer Watch & Clock Museum in Zurich is putting together a nice looking website. In its early stages, you can see some of their collection like the 1660 Jacques Sermand rock crystal neck watch above and the 1930s digital art deco lamp below.

"The rock-crystal case is made of one piece with four arches and features, on the outside, an engraved and fire-gilt bronze setting with a hinge for the lid and movement. The lid above the dial is also cut out of rock-crystal and serves as protective cover. The engraved dial, three rings in silver for the ho urs I to XII, the date I to 3 land the weekdays. The moonphase is visible in the small window on the left with another square window above, indicating the age of the moon. Three blued iron hands."

Close-up of the digital display in base

1940s Hidden dial pop-up wristwatch

Beyer Museum-->Link
1940s pop-up wristwatch-->Link
1930s Jaeger LeCoultre Bedside Digital Clock Lamp-->Link
1660 Neck Watch at the Beyer Museum-->Link

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