Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch Redux

It's time to introduce another new contributor here at The Watchismo Times! Jason Alan Snyder of has his time sensitive feelers deeply embedded in the ever evolving world of high-tech gadgetry. Today, he introduces the latest Sony Ericsson Time Masters Bluetooth watch...

"So, just yesterday I got my usual Sony Ericsson email update - but this one came with a special surprise. One of my favorite gadgets was inside - the bluetooth enabled wristwatch.

This time SE hits us up with not one but three versions of the this awesome gizmo. The three models have been given the monikers of "Classic," "Music," and "Executive." The only real differnce between the three is design. Something sporty with an orange bezel (Music), one with a metal band (Executive), and a leather strapped version (Classic).

So, what's it do?

- Vibrating call alerts
- Remote Control for your phones music player
- See what track is playing
- Handle calls using the keys on the watch (Mute or Reject)

I know, some of you are saying - "Wait a 'sec this isn't new." You're right. In many ways this is just a refresh of the MBW100 that cameout in late 2006 with some added display functionality. It'sbasically the same basic thing. But these look less like Tron's cock ring and more like something you might want to wear to work or the pub and not feel like total Poindexter with the ladies."


As a futurist, technologist and marketer, Jason Alan Snyder has spent more than a decade within advertising and media companies, innovating products and services that connect audiences to the people and things they care about. Jason led product design and prototyping for AOL Time Warner, redesigning AIM, AOL email and other consumer products. Before AOL, he also led the design for the community and collaboration products that have become Yahoo! music (LAUNCHcast) as well as the design for the user experience of TiVo. Jason is a published speaker and lecturer about technology, community and futurism.

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