Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Triangulorology - Thirteen Three-sided Timepieces

Tired of circular and rectangular shaped cases? Me too! So then, here is a varied collection of triangular watches over the decades...

1950s Cartier driver sideview watch
"Baguette à cadran incliné et mouvement Duoplan"
Dial is hinged at the apex allowing to rotate on axis

1970s Jaeger LeCoultre

1959 Patek Philippe prototype designed by Gilbert Albert
(valued well over $100,000)

1940 Jaeger LeCoultre "Duoplan" driver style sideview watch
(smallest mechanical movement)

1990 Gerald Genta "Les Nights"
with triangular hands and pyramidal stepped bezel

1961 Prototype Hamilton Electric Ventura
Mahogany & Mother-of-Pearl Pacer Prototypes

And there can't be any definitive triangular retrospective without the mysterious world of Masonic watches...

1940s Cervine Masonic Wristwatch

Other Masonic Watches
Top: 1920 Tempor 8 day keyless Dashboard Timepiece
Bottom: 1930 Tempor & Hiram Pocketwatches

1950s Louvic Mystery Dial
(hands on discs)

Unknown 1970s dynamic scattering LCD sideview
Very rare triangular prototype

Photos via Antiquorum and Rene Rondeau

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