Friday, November 16, 2007


I'm proud to announce the launch of the new! Hundreds of really unusual vintage timepieces have been added and for the first time, a very select group of modern watches from LIP. A French brand I've collected for years and only now had the opportunity to own all the revolutionary Mach 2000 models by Roger Tallon, Jump Hours of Prince Francois De Baschmakoff, and the distinct ladies watches by Isabelle Hebey. And some interesting new directions as well. More about that soon!
A large variety of LIP including chronographs, jump hours, and LED. Most are original designs from the early seventies. See my article about LIP in QP Magazine here.

And of course, my first love, obscure and unusual vintage mechanical and early digital watches from the sixties and seventies. Everything from the Space Age including a mystery dial Mondia Moonstone, a Spaceman Audacieuse, and an Omega Speedmaster 125.

The site is super simple and easy to stroll through, even just for eye candy, it's all part of a hobby gone horribly horribly wrong...Enjoy!

Check em out--->LINK

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