Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Steinway & Sons watch, a Synethesia Condition, and the Golden Ratio

Ian Skellern just introduced the first Steinway & Sons watch (Yes, the Piano company) at Horomundi. From industrial and watch designer, Fabrizio Cavalca, who has a rare variation of a condition called Synethesia.

Ian describes, "For Cavalca, visual designs and auditory compositions are holistic and are part of the same continuum: when he hears music Cavalca sees shapes and forms. The phenomena is scientifically documented and is called Synesthesia, though the majority with this ability usually associate colours with sound rather than shapes."

Cavalca's designs utilize the "Golden Ratio (also known as the Divine Proportion and the Golden Section), the lyre-shaped form of the strings over the gold soundboard on the dial provides an instant bond between watch and grand piano . . . right down to the posts and lugs attaching the string."

For the rest of Ian's article, go here.

I guess my 1980s Majestron Piano watch doesn't really compare but it is the first electronic Piano watch ever made! And I sold this watch to Devo co-founder and composer Mark Mothersbaugh years ago. The perfect recipient.

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