Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Multi-functional Kitsch Clocks - 1966 Numechron Tele-Vision Clock & 1950s Telephonecigarettelighterlampclock

A reader of The Watchismo Times and mid-century collector named Kyle Supley has shared a few of his kitschy clocks with me. Featured here are two especially funny models.

First, the
Numechron Tele-Visiondigital clock from 1966. Plastic burled wood case with gold trim. Meant for the top of a TV set with low wattage bulb to relieve eyestrain believed to be cause by television in the early days.

A vintage 60s digital clock by Westclox with an unusual display of hours as words.

And this 1950s teal lamp which is also a clock (clock face instead of telephone dial), and a cigarette lighter, conveniently hidden in the phone handset. It does not function as a phone. This lamp also comes with a conical desk lamp top instead of the venetian blind metal shade.

See some others at his Flickr Set->Link

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