Saturday, January 26, 2008

Living Vicariously Through Other Watch Collectors - 1977 Heuer Split Lap Unit

I can't have everything I want, and that's okay (for now). With fellow collectors detailing their acquisitions in such detail as Jeff Stein of OnTheDash and Chronocentric has done with his recent purchase of a very rare 1977 Heuer Split Lap Unit made for the Ford RS Motorsports Team, I can live vicariously through him. The images might even be sharp enough for me to print out a paper version and assemble it on my wrist.

Heuer Split Lap 77-->Link

The varied reactions Jeff received upon wearing it for the first time;
  • one bad ass watch
  • the ugliest watch I have ever seen [his wife's reaction]
  • a statement . . . a very loud statement
  • a cool-looking machine
  • one rock-solid watch
  • I thought you were getting into the Bubble-backs?
  • what in the world is it?
Original 1978 advertisement

Partial ad translation; "Built for those with the higest of expectations. With the ambitious standards of motorsport, - with obsession, with the love of perfection & measuring equipment. If you want to wear a timecomputer, that will remain a styling & technology rarity"

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