Thursday, January 24, 2008

The World Clock Project

Just bumped into this by the World Clock Project, a website that displays the current time from clocks shot from around the globe & accurate to your location. They're always looking for more shots to fill the empty time-slots and anyone can contribute images (preferably) of public clocks. Submit by Flickr or email (methods described below).

5:04 in the bakery - The Bakery Salt Lake City, UT

4:19 am - Hooters
Somewhere on Route 5 North outside of Portland, Oregon

7:20 am - Clock House - Stamford Hill

11:57 am - Glockenspiel Rathaus, Germany

Why they're doing this...

"We find it intriguing to see a picture of a clock that is located thousands of miles away, but one which tells us the exact time of where we are right now. So we've set out to collect as many pictures of clocks as possible from as many different people as possible from around the world. Our goal is to gather enough pictures to account for all the minutes of the day. Upon accomplishing that, we will create a "digital picture clock" for the community."

Email your clock photos to or, if you are already a Flickr user, join us on the World Clock Project Flickr group.

See detailed instructions.

World Clock Project-->Link

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