Friday, February 22, 2008

Basel Previews - $500,000 Zenith El Primero Zero-G Multi-Dimensional Tourbillon

New top-of-the line Zenith debuting at Baselworld 2008 in April. This limited edition all-black PVD coated El Primero Zenith Zero-G Multi-Dimensional Tourbillon will start around 350,000 Euros ($500,000+).

And you may ask yourself, who would wear a watch like that? Well, below is Thierry Nataf, not only the president and CEO of Zenith, but also a member of the Zero-G Multi-Dimensional club for men.

The giant feathered and beaked watch on his other hand is Toodles the Hawk. He doesn't go anywhere without Toodles. Can somebody have a talk with Thierry?

Photos via Timezone
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