Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Killing Time - Horological Weaponry

I'm dying to tell you about this killer visual history detailing lethal miniaturized (spy) guns built inside everyday objects like pocket watches, rings, pens, locks, pipes, and even in a crucifix! The ultimate Memento Mori timepiece, the only watches that'll tell you when you're truly out of time...

For thematic purposes, here are the pocket watch guns... See the rest of the collection at Dark Roasted Blend-->Link

A very rare English 0.3 Caliber Pocket Watch Pistol

I think one of these were found on the grassy knoll outside Ford's Theatre

A ladies timepiece wasn't an obvious choice
So a Pistol Ring "Femme Fatale" was made.
circa 1870 & Packing a .6 Caliber six-shooter

From-->Dark Roasted Blend (via Core77) & thanks to Greg @ Genuine Ideas

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