Monday, February 18, 2008

The New BRM Manufacture Birotor BRT-3 In Gold

"Many of you are aware of the automotive themed, dramatically styled watches from BRM, and I'm very happy to bring you this introduction to the BRM Birotor in rose gold, with BRM's very own in-house movement.

This is a spectacular watch, very much in the spirit of the modern watch world- a boldly designed piece that expresses from the inside out the renewed fascination of man for machinery and for the ability of watches to both be, and act as, representations of the beauty and power of machinery."
-Jack Forster of Horomundi

Ergonomic adjustable lugs and sideview see-thru case

View of the shock absorbers

The watch is also available in titanium and black titanium.
This model is the BRT3, weight: 111,35 gr of rose gold. every
part, the case, the lugs, the clasp are made from a bloc of rose gold
nothing in this watch has been stamped.
Precitime movement 40x48mm
Suspended movement on triangle bridges in carbon fiber
  • Shock absorbers with cone-shaped spring, ISOLASTIC system ® (certified)
  • Differential mechanism Automatic Birotor
  • Arcap plate and bridges
  • Assembled movement and 6-sided bolts
  • Lightened bridge and plate structure
  • BRM balance with ruby gyroscopic effect
  • Double ceramic rotor bearings
  • Fortale HR aluminium rotors
  • Tantalum rotor weights
  • Bi-polar time system with double crowns (certified)
  • Ergonomic lugs with 3 adjustable positions ( certified)
  • Crown moved to 2 pm for better comfort
  • Curvilinear front and back sapphire glass
  • Water resistant up to 30 meters

  • BRT-1 Titanium case and stainless steel crown and lugs
    BRT-2 Black titanium and stainless steel crown and lugs
    BRT-3 Titanium and rose gold crown and lugs
    BRT-4 Rose gold case,crown, lugs

    B.R.M. Manufacture Website
    ( Birotor prices start at 50,000 € )

    via Horomundi

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