Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CLOCK WISE - Matthias Naeschke NT2 Erwin Sattler Tempus Mobile Clocks

The marine timepiece, "Tempus Mobile" created by Erwin Sattler of Munich Germany will be introduced this week at Baselworld.

Indication of hours, minutes, seconds, remaining power, second time zone, separate 24 hour dial with world time indication.

Suspended on Gimballs, with indication of the ships inclination on degrees.

Structure in steel and base on granite.

Erwin Sattler website

The design philosophy for the Matthias Naeschke NT 2 BUSINESS-CLOCK was to create a timepiece that will provide for business people (for the private individual) to comprehend different time-zones around the world.

For this purpose Matthias & Sebastian Naeschke considered all the necessary functions that help facilitate international communications. The NT 2 BUSINESS-CLOCK unites a perpetual calendar, an indication of the calendar-week and world time-zones. Another special feature of the NT 2 is an alternative 24hr dial, mounted on the rear of the movement. The hour hand of this dial is mounted with an adjustment wheel with latch so it can be changed to indicate any time-zone directly.
The whole clock including its heavy base made of granite sits on a huge turntable. So it can be turned easily from one face to the other. The movement power reserve is 9 weeks. The movement is all gilded and highly polished as always at Naeschke.