Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CLOCK WISE - Ulysse Nardin Planet Earth Desk Clock

Limited Edition of 99 Pieces

Ulysse Nardin introduces a desk clock with a spherical presentation of Earth in the Universe as conceived by Dr. Ludwig Oechslin.

It shows at all times the exact position of Sun, Moon and fixed stars in relation to any location on Planet Earth.

A transparent spherical crystal globe outlining the continents and oceans represents Earth. This outer spherical globe does not move. The inner sphere representing a model of the Universe as seen from Earth, rotates at the speed of the sidereal day in 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. The inner sphere displays the signs of zodiac, months and major fixed stars. Animated from the center a large Sun hand rotates once in 24 hours indicating which part of the Earth is illuminated by the Sun.

The Moon hand rotates once in 24 hours, 52 minutes and 42 seconds and indicates in which part of Planet Earth the Moon is visible.

A blue Dragon hand rotates in 18,613 years one time faster than the inner glass sphere with the fixed stars and sign of zodiac display. In conjunction with the Sun and the Moon hand the Dragon hand displays all eclipses of Sun and Moon.

The Planet Earth’s key-wind mechanism has a power reserve of 30 days. Should the clock need to be re-wound from stop, a year indicator with a push button (located at the bottom of the inner sphere) facilitates easy resetting of the astronomical indications.

A clock on the front panel of the mahogany case indicates hours and minutes.

Planet Earth is an extraordinary time machine and represents another in-house development, conceived and produced in the Manufacture Ulysse Nardin.

via Timezone

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