Thursday, March 5, 2009

Preview - Ulysse Nardin Mechanical Cellphone to be Announced at Baselworld

Celebrated Swiss vanguard watchmaker Ulysse Nardin has partnered with the European firm, SCI Innovations, to create the world's first hybrid smart phone: the Chairman.

Inherently green, this smart phone pairs cutting-edge kinetic technology with the pedigree of the 163-year-old timepiece innovator.

The Chairman will be launched the end of March at Baselworld 2009 at Ulysse Nardin’s booth.

While details are limited, it has been confirmed that the Chairman will be able to use any mobile phone service provider in the world and includes several components never seen before in a smart phone.

It will incorporate a Ulysse Nardin designed kinetic rotor system which is blended into the mechanical and aesthetical design of the smart phone. This smart-phone is hand-assembled under the strictest guidelines mandated by Ulysse Nardin.

More information during its launch at Baselworld.

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