Tuesday, October 10, 2006

THE CABESTAN - Polygraph Watch? Richter Scale Watch? Please tell me this does more than tell the time...

This is just sickening. When something is so damn cool it makes you sick to your stomach, you should pay attention. Is it admiration? Jealousy? Bad Mexican food? Hell, it's all of the above.

Thanks to CoolHunting for first bringing my attention to this Sexy Beast!

The Cabestan is a collaboration between two of horology's bad boys, Vianney Halter and Jean-François Ruchonnet's DMC Group (who also designed the Heuer Monaco V4).

Inspired by old Curta calculators, this watchmaking marvel has a vertical tourbillon and an unusual fusée-and-chain movement. Time is shown on the barrels; no dial and no hands. You wind the watch by attaching a "wrench" to the two top cabestans (the knobs on the side).

135 of these beauties will be made in gold or platinum. Oh, and start saving now. They cost around $220,000 and are available from Vianney Halter.

Yeah, but a Richter scale-polygraph detector watch will come out for Basel 2007, you mark my word.

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