Friday, October 6, 2006

Vianney Halter for GoldPfeil

This will be the first of many features on Vianney Halter's "haute horologie".

The Goldpfeil Seven Masters jumping hour moonphase by Halter is an unconventional timepiece with three displays. One rectangle for digital jump hour, a square for minutes/seconds and the upper subdial with geometric moonphase. Carved from a block of solid 18k white gold, fitted with automatic movement entirely developed by Halter.

Again, part of an elite wave of Swiss watchmakers that are designing, in my opinion, "Wristwatch Porn." Designs so stimulating, I find myself physically attracted to them...I want to hold them, caress them, buy flowers for them on Valentines Day.

Good thing my wife understands.

(Detailed Photos Here - thanks to

Another one of the "If you have to ask..." prices.