Monday, October 30, 2006

Rarities: Patek Philippe Asymmetric Watches by Gilbert Albert 1955-65

1959 Prototype 3412 for Beyer (Sothebys 2005)

"Based in Geneva, Gilbert Albert is one of the most innovative and artistic modern jewelers. His talent was spotted very early in his career when, at the age of 24, he was approached by Patek Philippe to design some prototype wristwatch cases. At that time, in 1955, Patek Philippe was under the adventurous guidance of chairman Henri Stern. The bold yet simple designs of Albert's cases were in many ways revolutionary. In his approach, the traditional and conventional designs of cases were completely re-drawn, defying the conventional shapes that manufacturers were used to producing. Much of his inspiration came from his love of modern sculpture and, in particular, his admiration for Brancusi and Mondrian." - antiquorum

Gilbert Albert together with like-minded designer Richard Arbib (Hamilton Electric) were really pushing the triangular and rhomboid envelopes.

1963 Pink Gold 3422 (Sothebys - November 2006) 24 exist, only 3 pink gold

1962 18k Gold Ref 3424 (Sothebys 2005)

1964 Prototype Ricochet 788 (Anitquorum 2005)

1965 Prototype 3270 Lady Isoceles (Antiquorum 2003)