UFO of the Sea - 1953 "Deep Sea Special" Diver

Side-view of Deep Sea Special

Two things I dislike most within watch collecting...Rolex and Diver watches. So. With that said, here is my favorite Rolex Diver! The Deep Sea Special.

Created to test new endurances of a diver watch, The Deep Sea Special was fixed to the outside of Auguste Piccard's deep sea diving submarine, the bathyscaph "Trieste." It proved itself at a record depth of 10,335 feet (3150 meters) in 1953. Waterproof up to seven miles and capable of withstanding pressure at seven tons per square inch.

Obviously, the appeal to my tastes occur with the domed bubble crystal and enormous 57mm length. Purely prototypical, approximately less than seven exist with a potential of 35 additional replicas.

thanks to www.rruegger.ch

Recently auctioned by Christies for $251,000 US.
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