Sunday, December 10, 2006

Reading Time - Three Great Watch Books

The book that started it all for me. Pieter Doensen's highly influential 'Watch - History of the Modern Wristwatch,' showcasing innovative designs in relation to the technological advancements of the fifties through the eighties. Out of print but can be ordered through Mr. Doensen himself here.

Rene Rondeau's latest fourth edition 'The Watch of the Future', a quintessential book about the Hamilton Electric with a complete archive of every model Hamilton produced including prototypes never seen, asymmetric mechanical watches and full color throughout. Three times larger than the original edition, an important book for design enthusiasts or for existing collectors updating their library. Can be ordered through Rene directly-->Link

Gene Stone's recently published 'The Watch' blends important vintage with complex modern timepieces. A survey of "inspired design, technical innovation and precise craftsmanship" result in a book of well photographed unique antique and contemporary wristwatches. Link