Sunday, December 3, 2006

Rolling Cylinders of Jean Dunand's 2007 'Shabaka'

Ever since I found the very rare 1970's Jaz Derby Swissonic, a watch built of cylinders instead of dials, I've wondered when I'd see another roller style feature in a watch...

Four years in the making, new Swiss Watch company Jean Dunand has announced the 'Shabaka' release for 2007. A minute repeater (chiming gongs), moonphase, leap year cycle, and best of all,
instantaneous perpetual calendar with rollers for month, day of week and double-barreled day of month. Named after a Egyptian Pharaoh and modeled in an Art Deco Egyptian revival style, only twenty models a year are planned for production.

Named for Swiss Art Deco artist, Jean Dunand - by entrepreneur Thierry Oulevay (Tourbillon Orbital) and haute watchmaker Christophe Claret (Harry Winston Opus IV).