Friday, December 1, 2006

Time of your Life with Mr. Jones Watches


If time is relative, Mr. Jones is your creepy Uncle Bob.
'Mr Jones Watches' are a line of seven conceptual yet functional timepieces designed and built by UK Critical Designer Crispin Jones. Created to explore new cultural expressions, technologies of timekeeping and how they relate to contemporary life. The creations are most hauntingly documented in each model's promo video. The 'Summissus' watch (above), symbolic of the Memento Mori, a philosophical expression preaching humility and the mortal timeframe is reduced to a mirror-finished dial (for self-awareness) and LCD display (for the real time).


Auto-suggestive 'Adsiduus', with repetitive displays of positive or negative mantras with each time display, intended to produce personality change of the wearer.


The 'Fallax' quoting Mr. Jones himself, "projects the wearer’s status to the people around them. Whilst many watches aim to project a sense of the wearer’s wealth and style, Fallax projects the wearer’s honesty. The watch contains a lie-detector which is attached via a pair of finger straps. If the watch detects a lie then the display flashes up the word “LIES”.

Fallax LED Display


Made up of skeletal material, the 'Docilis' is intended to train the wearer to internalize the time with regular intervals of electric shocks.