Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Telechron Robot Clock - Bennett Robot Works

Inspired by modern-age designers like Norman Bel Geddes and Raymond Loewy, Gordon Bennett of Brooklyn creates one-of-a-kind Robots out of antiquated products of the 40's and 50's. Obviously, for thematic purposes, I've highlighted the clock-themed 'Telechron' Robot (right) and DeJur (left) with clock-dial feet but felt this was the first off-topic story worthy at The Watchismo Times. Many are indeed built with old clock parts but that's only the beginning, Gordon assembles them with an uncanny ability to nurture distinct personalities by reincarnating vintage products including 8mm cameras, taillights, voltage meters, tv antennae fire alarms, spark plugs, plumbing hardware, heaters and sewing machines into these immobile robotic sculptures. They are built between 15" and 35" high and can be purchased at

DeJur Clock Feet