Monday, May 21, 2007

1970 Sipe Steinheil Digital Spy Camera Watch

I swear this is my last Spy-Camera-Watch posting for a while...But since so many different variations have existed over the past 120 years, great vintage examples keep appearing. This particular one is of the Quartz age, a 1970 SIPE LED digital watch with Steinheil 2.5/12mm lens, for 7 exposures on special cassette. Actually, it appears to be a Dynamic Scattering Liquid Crystal Display, the earliest form of LCD developed in the late sixties. Either way, it's being auctioned from the WestLicht Photographia Auction House (lot 671). Or on Ebay here-->Link

Also being offered are two very nice examples of the 1949 Steineck ABC subminiature wrist-cameras. Previously featured here-->Link

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