Friday, May 25, 2007

$500,000 Invisible Watch - Guy Ellia 'Tourbillon Zephir' by Christophe Claret

Famed movement designer Christophe Claret has teamed up with the exclusive French brand Guy Ellia for this unusual see-thru sapphire cased wristwatch. The mechanism including the tourbillon appear to float in-between the transparent plates allowing all motion to be viewed. Taking the skeletonized look to a new level, 'Ghost-inized'. See more at Claret's website-->Link as well as an animated video of the watch. Selling a bit over a half million dollars (390,000 Euros), I've heard that six have been sold already.

Claret is the man behind the Opus IV and the Jean Dunand Shabaka-->Link

Zephir Video-->Link

Guy Ellia's other openwork timepiece from 2006
'Time Square Tourbillon Magistere Biconvex'

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