Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Reissue Wish - 1974 Heuer Silverstone

Sure, the Tag Heuer Monaco is fun to see reinterpreted over and over
(yawn), and yes, it's fantastic to see the Monaco V4 Belt-Drive Watch (finally) go into limited production, blah blah... But c'mon Jean-Christophe Babin! The 1974 Silverstone is just itching to be reintroduced. Simply one of the coolest chronographs of the seventies that stylishly blended sport with design. Just gaze at the swanky smokey-metallic & olive-caramel colored dial. One couldn't make that shade again if you tried. It's in the polyester range of the color spectrum.

The other more classic shades of burgundy and blue

The Caliber 12 automatic movement

original catalog page

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