Friday, May 18, 2007

Doxa Grafic Over Time 1957-2007

When a brand reissues a model from their past, somehow, it just never looks quite right. It's either too polished or the details that originally made it interesting are dulled down.

The Doxa Grafic of 1957 was very modern for its time, a stark dial with a simple starburst of crosshairs was really quite different for a wristwatch. As the original 1957 advertisement above states, "Excitingly, Fashionably, Emphatically Different!" An affordable alternative to the asymmetrical Patek Philippe watches by Gilbert Albert of the same time. Patek-->Link

The minimalism of the bauhaus inspired design has been relatively faithful over past years. Now, with the 50th anniversary of the Grafic in 2007, liberties have been taken for a new chronograph version.

Original vintage automatic Grafic
Date hole upper left
available at Art Of Time->Link and another->Link

A vintage Grafic with raised markers->Link

The Grafic in 2007

The 2007 Grafic Chronograph
Via Europastar

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