Enicar - Reversing Time in the Sixties & Seventies

Enicar was created when Artiste Racine (Racine Watch Co.) spelled his name backwards and created a hearty brand that many people are unfamiliar over 90 years later. A special time existed for Enicar in the sixties and seventies when they developed their own automatic movements & focused on sport watches in addition to the rare odd vintage-modern designs featured here. Holding a special place in my collection, some of these Enicar were the very first vintage watches I ever owned. The Sherpa models are named for the 1956 Swiss Himalayan expedition that relied on Enicar timepieces.

Two crater shaped models including the faceted space-age 70's Sherpa Star above-->Link

And the bark-textured volcano 70's Sherpa Star-->Link

1970 Asymmetrical Sherpa 350 & 356 Automatics-->Link

1970's Sherpa 320 Automatic-->Link

1970s Enicar Automatic Digital Jump Hour-->Link

1970's Enicar Automatic Mechanical Digital Jump Hour-->Link

1972 Enicar Sherpa Star Rotorwind Automatic-->Link

1970's asymmetric Enicar Mantagraph-->Link

1970's Enicar Chrono

1965 Enicar Sherpa 'Jet Graph' Chronograph-->Link

1970 Enicar Superdive--> Article & Link

1950's Enicar Triple Date Moonphase Chronograph

1960's Minimal 'CircleSquare' -->Link

Joseph Watches often has many rare Enicar for sale here-->Link

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