Tuesday, February 13, 2007

World Time Watches: the Earth on your Wrist

The 'Magellan 1521', a modern watch commemorating the explorer Magellan's first circumnavigation around the world. The hands curve the circumference of the globe dial and it's housed under a scratch-resistant sapphire dome - automatic winding movement powering through 'canon' tubes raising the hands unusually high. All these domed timepieces make me wish someone would produce a Logan's Run style wristwatch...

Magellan 1521 detail

Vintage 1970's Edox Geoscope
Earth disk rotates to display time around globe.

'Think the Earth' Globe Watch by Seiko

The Earth itself is the single watch hand rotating as a hemisphere under a crystal dome rotating one revolution every 24 hours. Pinpoint your location and, as their website declares, "Enjoy the leisurely flow of planetary time."