World Time Watches...Literally, the Earth on your Wrist

Unfortunately, this globe watch is a mystery, anyone able to identify it?

UPDATE: Thanks to ChicagoGoody for immediately identifying it as the 'Magellan 1521', a modern watch commemorating the explorer Magellan's first circumnavigation around the world. The hands curve the circumference of the globe dial and it's housed under a scratch resistant sapphire dome - automatic winding movement powering through 'canon' tubes raising the hands unusually high. All these domed timepieces make me wish someone would produce a Logan's Run style wristwatch...

Available here --> Link

Magellan 1521 detail

Vintage 60's-70's Edox Geoscope-->Link
Earth disk rotates to display time around globe.

'Think the Earth' Globe Watch --> Link

The Earth itself is the single watch hand rotating as a hemisphere under a crystal dome rotating one revolution every 24 hours. Pinpoint your location and, as their website declares, "Enjoy the leisurely flow of planetary time."

Available at ThinkGeek for $499

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