Friday, February 16, 2007

KRONOTYPE MDQS-2 Chronograph

Kronotype, an independent brand created by
Jean-Christophe Sabarthes, Marc Alfieri, Xavier Luvison, and Julien Leroy features some extreme looking chronographs. Most interesting to me is the MDQS-2 (V1) with its long banked sides sinking into the deeply recessed dial, reminding me of the deadly arena of Rollerball, the 1975 film in which war is replaced with a violent futuristic roller-derby sport. Gotta love James Caan in the seventies... The hour indexes of white gold balls only add to that steely vision.

6AL4V (Grade 5) Titanium case - 44mm
Automatic winding Dubois Depraz 2020 movement
Chronograph with three counters
Limited edition of 750 pieces
Retailing for $8775 USD

The company quote; "If it were for everyone, Wouldn't we have made more?"

James Caan hanging on to the edge of the bezel