Thursday, February 22, 2007

Vintage Transistor Wrist Radios - Dick Tracy Wannabes

After my recent post on vintage watches for kids and another about the Sinclair FM Radio Watch, I had to feature a visual history of transistor radio watches. The invention of transistor radios in the fifties allowed radios to be much smaller than ever before, using much less power and eventually finding there way inside every imaginable portable product through the seventies. So needless to say, I'm showcasing the absurd world of novelty wrist-radios and radio-watches...

As much as people wanted two-way technology or walkie-talkie style of the famous Dick Tracy gadget, most got big bulky AM receiving behemoths like these.

1970s Aitron LED watch & transistor radio
The only transistor radio with LED watch. Display fit into center of speaker.
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Ga-ga-grooovy 70's wrist-radios!

Many brands like Wristo & Aitron

Radio Watch from Ultra-Terrestrial's collection -->Link
Sinclair's Accordion Prototype - The first FM radio-watch
Originally featured here --> Link
1964 Sinclair Micro-6 Transrista - Worlds smallest wrist-radio --> Link
Vintage ads from the 50's & 60's for homemade wrist-radios

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