Watchismo's Timewarp for QP Magazine - Vintage Sideview Displays

My new column, 'Watchismo's Timewarp' for British QP Magazine (Issue #23) is now available.

Online version --> Link

For the series premiere, I write about one of my favorite species, the Sideview display like the 1958 Patek Philippe 'Cobra' prototype below. It's radical use of digital and graphic rollers was likely too ahead of it's time. Originally featured --> Link

Photos courtesy of Patek Philippe

Others featured in the article;

1970 Amida Digitrend

1974 Jaz Derby Swissonic

1976 Benrus Pop-up LED

A more extensive pictorial history of Sideviewing & Drivers watches coming soon! Stay tuned... (Be sure to submit your own sideview watches here-->email)

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