Thursday, March 1, 2007

Advance look of the Richard Mille RM011 & RM016

Not slated for public viewing until late March, here is a leaked peek of the Richard Mille RM011 Flyback Chronograph. Vaucher base with a Dubois Dépraz module, an "annual calendar-flyback-chrono" with an extra 60 minute countdown at nine o'clock. The month indicator is at 4 o'clock. The price will range between 50 to 60 thousand euros. (The lower end of their price range!)

Click here for close-up of watch. As usual, great dimensional use of negative space

Via KronosBlog & ThePurists

And a preview of their new extra flat automatic 'RM016', an entirely new form from Richard Mille

via Horomundi's Richard Mille Forum & ThePurists
Tech Spec PDF

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