Friday, March 9, 2007

Solid Wood 1900 Pocket Watch - Wood Gears, Hands and Case

Take a break from the complicated world of mechanical innovation for a few seconds... The orgy of Tourbillons, Forged Carbon, and Silicium Components can fade for a moment while you appreciate this early 1900 Russian pocket watch entirely made of wood. The case, the hands, and the gears, all from a tree - a living material that also marks time with it's rings - natures own clock and a profound medium for a watch.

via Casalonga Odd Watches --> Link
(The site is sadly out of date but nevertheless features some fun
nontraditional watch displays)

UPDATE! The history of the wood-watchmakers from Russia who also carved watchworks from bone-->Link

1865 'Bone Watch' Article-->here

Other wood related features;
Hamilton Electric Wood Prototype --> Link
Swank Woody --> Link

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